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Pokemon and Ponies Ch5. The party for Lee in Ponyville

  Lee had get his backpack and goodbye to the Princesses

and then get on the train with Twilight and her friends wind

Lee said Twilight what is a party?    Pinkie Pie said you

don,t know what a party is then Lee said i know don,t

know what a party is Pinkie Pie so i had to ask then Pinkie

Pie said your party will be so fun to have i am going to tell

everypony to come and have fun Lee then Pinkie Pie

said Rainbow Dash i with you to tell every pegasus pony

that you know to come to the party ok then Rainbow Dash

said ok then Pinkie Pie said Twilight will you tell the three

Princesses to come to the party ok then Twilight said ok

Pinkie Pie.    Wind to train get to Ponyville Lee was happy

to see this all the ponies there that was happy and Lee said wow who are all the ponies then Twilight said you will

meet them at the party for now let me get you to my home

ok then let go to your home Twilight said Lee then Twilight

ask Lee am i see your pokemon that you have on you?    

Lee said after the party Twilight i what for all the ponies to

see my pokemon ok then Twilight said ok i get it but i can

i ask something about you into Pinkie Pie red for the

party then Lee said ok ask me but what into you home

ok.    They was walk to Twilight home with no one see

Lee wind they get to Twilight home Lee said a baby

dragon Lee ask what is his name Twilight than Twilight

said his name is Spike he is my son i know he look like

a dragon but he is my son because he call me mom one

time and one time use my magic to make him into a baby pony so ya he is my son.    Twilight said Spike come here

and meet Lee my new friend then Spike said came mom

and who is Lee wind Spike came into the room he see

Lee and said look out mom i save you.    Wind Lee see

this baby dragon what to save his mom Lee said I will not

hurt you or your mom here or anypony here ok buy the

way my name Lee i am a human for the pokemon world

who have come to live here ok Spike wind Spike see that

he will not hurt anypony here he said hi the name is Spike

the dragon ok.    As time wind on Twilight told Spike about

the party for Lee and right the Princesses and tell them

about the party then Lee ask Twilight why no pony see

him way they was walk here but Spike see me?    Twilight

said to Lee she use her magic four they left Canterlot Lee
that way no one can see you but be for the party i will use

my magic the ponies can see you ok then Pinkie Pie came
in and said Lee your party is rad to go can on all the

ponies what to meet you Lee then Twilight use her magic

so everypony can see him at the party.    Twilight said

Spike came on lets go to Lee party then Spike said came

mom and the Princesses are came two so ya you will see

them there ok.    Lee was walk to the party and he see all

the ponies came to the party and he was happy and he

see the Princesses was there then Pinkie Pie said let get

this party start and this is Lee wind all the ponies see Lee

they was happy for the human because Celestia told them

about Lee be for the party.    Next time on Pokemon and

Ponies when ponies meets pokemon what is this the party
is fun for Lee and after the party will Lee pokemon come

out to the party to have some fun and more next time on

Pokemon and Ponies.

To be continued
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